General Buckets

Many buckets are available for general earthmoving tasks, with various widths, geometries, and cutting edges.

Custom Buckets

WC Contracting Inc. has developed custom buckets for specialized work when no other commercially manufactured product is available. One such task is trenching around driven pilings for grade beam footings.

Demolition Tools

A hydraulic breaker mounted to the excavator arm will efficiently break up concrete slabs and footings. Rubble is easily scooped with a sifting bucket, without removing dirt as well. An asphalt cutting wheel enables curb to be cleanly removed. A grapple allows for bulky concrete to be handled and is also great for sorting and loading out all types of debris.

Pallet Forks

Pallet forks attached to a tilt-rotator equipped excavator allow for material handle when needed and in ways that would be impossible with a loader or forklift.